Desert Dawg Sports

Desert Dawg Sports 2014.

Desert Dawg Sports - Who We Are

Desert Dawg Sports Club is a not-for-profit organization in Tucson, AZ and was formed by a group of individuals that believe in having a fun time with their dog(s).  

There are many different activities; we will consider any game if members are willing to support it with their time and share it with others.  

Agility has been around a long time and is the strongest group, we currently offer shows in DOCNA and CPE both of which have well deserved reputations for being excellent for first time handlers or new canine athletes.

We also offer Canine Freestyle (aka Dancing with Your Dog) and Rally.  
A critical attribute for DDS members is a sense of humor and a supportive attitude toward their dog and other humans.

President: Jodie Miller
Vice-President: Wanda Day

Secretary: Kristen Wheeler
Treasurer: Melanie Builder
Member at Large:  Betsy Wolf
CPE Coordinator: Kendall Weber
Freestyle Coordinator:  Cindy James

DOCNA Coordinator: Bethany Skovan
Rally Coordinator: Cindy James

The Board of Desert Dawgs

If you would like to become a member of Desert Dawg Sports (and we would love to have you!), please feel free to download, either in .doc format or .pdf format, our Membership Form and mail it to Karen Blom-Mangone per the instructions on the form.  

Membership Renewal Form in PDF format

Membership Form in PDF format

Desert Dawg Sports would like to extend a huge thanks to Art Cake and Silverado Rooter & Plumbing for their EXTREMELY generous donation for the purchase of our new agility teeter!  Thanks to their kind generosity, Desert Dawgs now has a high-quality teeter that should last our club for MANY years to come.

Thank you Art Cake and Silverado Plumbing!